The Difference between Sport & Casino Betting

The difference between sports betting and casino betting basically comes down to what you are actually betting on and what is defined as a win. With sports betting a ‘book’ is opened and is a place where you can wager, or put money on, the outcome of sporting events and competitions.

In the UK the most popular sports to bet on are football and horse racing, but there are many others including golf, boxing and tennis. There are many combinations possible in addition to a straight forward bet on the winner, such as betting that a horse will be ‘placed’ in a race. The winning bet is paid out when the event is finished and the official final result is announced.
Casino betting is about betting on the outcomes of games of a variety of types. It does not depend on races happening or events being played so can be enjoyed any time, 24/7. Each game has different rules which define what makes a win. Some are card games, like blackjack and poker.

With these games there are various levels of choice on the part of the player, as they get to decide if they wish to continue, hold, or fold for example – depending on the rules of the game. Others involve a mechanism type of set-up, like the roulette wheel or slots lines. With online casinos this is replicated with computer calculations to keep things random.

Online casino games have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, providing more player interaction and thrills, which is why millions have joined online casino communities for both the fun and the wins. The other reason is the fantastic cash bonus deals offered by some.

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